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Eye Contact... PERIOD

Updated: Oct 31, 2022

"Eye contact is way more intimate than words can ever be."

On_camera eye contact

Eye contact is an incredibly important part of our body language. It can communicate so many things without you even opening your mouth to speak. It communicates interest, affection, hostility and for on-camera appearances, confidence.

Why is eye contact important for on-camera interviews?

Failing to make eye contact with the camera, makes you look less authoritative.

When you have wandering eyes in front of the camera, it can make you look like you're uncomfortable. But there is a catch, staring at the camera and only the camera when interviewing someone, can make your audience at home feel incredibly uneasy.

Benefits of great eye contact:

Eye contact with the camera establishes a connection with the audience watching you. Just like when you take a selfie, you make a connection with the people looking at your posts on social. It's the same concept when standing in front of the camera.

Making eye contact also projects authority and confidence. Have you ever had a conversation with someone who's constantly avoiding eye contact or looking over your shoulder? How did that make you feel? Again, is the same idea when standing in front of a camera.

The camera is your friend.

"Imagine the camera is your best friend. You're just talking to your best friend."

I remember the first time I ever sat in front of a camera inside a TV studio. I was working behind the scenes at the time, and the main anchor was so kind, she offered to help me. We put together a few minutes of news stories, I sat in her chair, and read the teleprompter for the first time in my life. I distinctly remember the one piece of advice she gave me before I started reading; "Imagine the camera is your best friend. You're just talking to you're best friend." I didn't know it then, but that was by far the best piece of advice I would ever receive in my career.


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