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Shine on camera, radiate confidence! #royaltyawaits

Video Camera

Meet Elyse!

On-Camera Talent Coach. Reporter. Anchor. Emmy Award winning journalist.

Welcome to Telegenic Queen! I'm Elyse Sevi an on-camera talent coach, reporter, anchor, PRSA Media Friend of the Year Award winner and Emmy Award winning journalist with more than 15 years of on-camera experience.

I teach woman and girls interested in pageantry how to be on-camera confident so they can energetically promote their platform and or brand.

I use my experience to help my clients establish a connection with their audience by being authentic on-camera. My insider knowledge enables clients to establish a relationship with their local media and pitch their "story" to get coverage.

With years of emceeing and hosting under my belt, including the Princess of America Pageant in 2019, I coach my clients to be leaders on stage and off stage.


Social media is a huge part of pageantry, as well as representing your brand and platform in a professional yet authentic manner. I teach my clients the importance of being professional, yet personable across all media platforms.

My mission is to equip clients with the skills and mindset needed to shine on screen, fostering self-assurance, effective communication, and a captivating on-camera presence. Through personalized coaching, innovative techniques, and a supportive community, we aim to transform every individual into a telegenic queen, capable of leaving a lasting and positive impact in the virtual world."

Elyse Sevi, On-Camera Coach
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